Rudolf is a Berlin-based duo from Argentina, who works in the limits of pop, noise, poetry and performance. Their production experiments with analog sound inputs, automatic-writing technics and random sequences. The origen of Rudolf can be founded in diverse colaborations that Cristian Forte and Nacho Buk (aka mineral and igntx b) produced since 2013, mixing influences of concrete musique, sound poetry and electronics experimentation. Those productions derivated in a stylished collection of music works that were registered in three tapes released during 2018. Besides gigs and performances in different venues of Berlin, Rudolf also works with sound installations and sound poetry workshops.

Diskograpy: Rudolf (2018, Kassette edition), Rudolf vol. 2 (2018, Kassette edition), 2006 QV89 (2018, Kassette edition).

mineral: bass/vox/loops
igntx b: synth/vox/samples